Policies and Procedures

Whatever you need to create or improve your Health and Safety management system.

If you employ five or more employees you must by law have a written Health and Safety policy, risk assessments and have procedures in place to ensure a safe workplace. If you are a smaller company or sole trader, your corporate customers will often want to see your policies, procedures, risk assessments and systems of work before they award you the contract.

Specialising in Health & Safety compliance we can get to know your company and produce documents and systems that are bespoke and relevant at a very competitive cost. We can then if you wish assist with the implementation of the system including, employee consultation, workplace assessments, policy reviews and training.

We see these systems as cost savers and sales tools. Good, relevant and working systems will you to reduce accidents, avoid litigation and build your reputation. The right documentation and practice can open doors to bigger and better contracts.

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